August 2, 2020

Valley of Fire Elopement on a Rainy Day

Bride and Groom at Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire is a popular elopement destination and for good reason. Deep red tones and vast landscapes make for the perfect elopement spot. The views are breathtaking and the photo opportunities are endless. Valley of Fire is an hour and half outside of Las Vegas and is well worth the trip. Whether visiting for an elopement or just to explore, Valley of Fire is a must see West Coast destination.

Larissa and Joshua chose to elope just the two of them. I loved the intimacy of their day and the quiet moments they shared. They chose Elopement Las Vegas to coordinate their day and, as always, the details were arranged flawlessly. Before we set out for Valley of Fire, Larissa and Joshua decided to have portraits taken in their hotel room. You might not have considered this kind of photography for elopements, but all of the day’s elements are worth documenting! I love when couples request getting ready pictures before heading to the ceremony location. If you are eloping, you can still have pictures putting your dress on and finishing your hair!

Bride putting on earrings
Bride putting on lipstick
Bride adjust hair piece
Groom adjusting his jacket
Groom putting on his shoes
Bride looking at her wedding dress
Bride putting on her wedding dress
Bride putting on her veil

Rain on the Wedding Day is Nothing to Fear!

After the final touches were complete, it was time to head out! It had been raining on and off throughout the day so we weren’t sure how the weather would look out at Valley of Fire. Rain in Las Vegas is rare so I am always excited when it does rain. Rain on a wedding day can be a little concerning though. Most couples are super stressed when it’s raining before their outdoor ceremony, but Larissa and Joshua were down to roll with it. When we arrived at the ceremony location, the rain had just subsided. The red rocks and dirt had soaked up all of the rain water, which made the colors that much deeper and richer than usual! The already gorgeous colors looked THAT much better. The skies stayed cloudy throughout our shoot and added to the moody look of the portraits.

Bride and groom at Valley of Fire State Park
Bride and Groom walking through desert at Valley of Fire
Elopement Ceremony at Valley of Fire State Park
Groom putting on bride's ring during ceremony
Couple kissing at Valley of Fire
Bride and Groom at Valley of Fire

Larissa also brought along a hand painted leather jacket! I thought it was the perfect touch and really complimented the moodiness of the day. The mountains she chose to paint were the perfect fit for the landscape.

Bride and groom walking through Valley of Fire
Bride and Groom running in Valley of Fire
Landscape of Valley of Fire State Park
Bride and groom walking away at Valley of Fire State Park

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