August 2, 2020

Mount Charleston Engagement Pictures

Couple with their dog in Mount Charleston engagement pictures

Mount Charleston is the perfect place for engagement pictures! It’s a gorgeous and lush green location in the summer, but it’s even prettier in the winter. With everything covered in snow, it makes for the perfect winter wonderland location.

Mount Charleston is only half an hour from the Las Vegas Strip. It’s a great change of scenery and a nice break from all of the desert landscapes. The drive up will take you through stretches of joshua trees and gorgeous mountains. If you’re looking for some forest vibes for your engagement pictures, Mount Charleston is the spot!

Bobbi and David reached out to me to set up a golden hour shoot. They wanted something different than the Las Vegas norm. We all agreed that Mount Charleston would be a perfect place to shoot. Even better, they wanted to bring their pup along too! I always love when clients incorporate their pets into their shoots.

We had so much fun running around in the snow together and the images we captured turned out amazing! The sun was absolutely stunning coming through the trees and made for the perfect backdrop.

Couple running in Mount Charleston engagement pictures
Mount Charleston Engagement Pictures
Couple posing in mount charleston engagement pictures
Couple with their dog at mount charleston
Engagement pictures at mount charleston
couple running at mount charleston

After sunset we were able to shoot with some of the blue hour light. I absolutely love this time of day and always try to schedule my sessions to allow for this type of light. It creates an entirely different mood for the images and I love the depth of the colors! The way the last little bit of sunlight hits the tree tops is pure magic.

mount charleston engagement pictures
couple kissing at mount charleston

If you’re looking for a location near Las Vegas with greenery or snow, Mount Charleston is the perfect area. There are so many different spots in the canyon and I definitely have my favorites. I would love to help you find the perfect mountain backdrop for your pictures!


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